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Crafted with emotion and artisanal finesse, The Untamed fragrances are driven by our heritage, the power of scent and its inextricable bond between our inner spirits and nature. Inspired by the concept of time and the changing of light deep-rooted in Nordic culture, world-renowned noses Cyrill Rolland, Sophie Truitard, Arturetto Landi and Christian Vermorel have developed our fragrances combining innovation with unique olfactory compositions to evoke an emotion – a moment suspended in time. The metamorphosis of time and space, tied delicately to how our souls interact and move with the moments in between.     This Sample Kit Box contains 1.5ml sample vial each of the following:     1. Gothic Rose Eau De Parfum   2. Mlle Lydia Stille Eau De Parfum   3. Narcotic Violin Eau De Parfum